Roaming Valley Farms

A few photos of around the farm...
  1. Natural tree trimming in action
    Some of our dairy cows chewing on leaves keeping the tree line trim.
  2. Where eggs come From
    Our laying hens out strutting
  3. Pigs
    Deloris our mother pig and piglets having some lunch.
  4. Grain Corn
    Our organic corn from 2015 season with James showing how tall it is.
  5. Babies...
    Dairy calves on pasture
  6. Baby chicks
    First chicks of the season.
  7.  Laying Hens
    On grass is best
  8. Cows on pasture
  9. moo
    girls on pasture
  10. Calves
  11. kiss my grass!
    graphic t's we for sale
  12. Papi with his three grandkids - fall 2015
    One of owners David Glover
  13. Fall family photo 2015
    Owner James Glover with his wife Lindsay, daughter Della Mae and one on the way!
  14. Fall family photos
    Owner Laura Easter with her husband Troy and son Ivan.
  15. Dave and James
    Father and son helping a neighbor
  16. Family drive in the viking
    Papi (Dave) and James visiting Aunt Carolyn and cousin Elijah
  17. Collecting Eggs
    Della Mae Glover helping her mommy collect eggs - summer 2015
  18. Maple Syrup season 2015
    TJ, Troy, Laura and Ivan Easter collecting sap, a hobby of our family.
  19. Bird condo
    One of many custom built bird boxes we made to put out in pasture. Our goal is to attract Swallows who eat fly's. Natural fly control.
  20. Bird Condo
    These Tree Swallow nest boxes are built following Golondrina's Box design. We set them roughly 100 feet apart to try and create less competition blue birds who prefer nests further distance apart.
  21. Our Farm Fresh Eggs
    Tip: If you have really fresh eggs, like ours, try steaming them instead of boiling to make it easier to peel.
  22. cows on pasture
  23. Spot and Deloris
    pigs snuggling in their hut
  24. RVF skies
    winter 2015/2016
  25. 2016 chicks
  26. cow and calf
  27. 2016 meat birds
    doing well on pasture
  28. cattle grazing
  29. cool skies
    photo credit Laura Easter
  30. meat birds
  31. blue skies
  32. laying hens
    laying hens out on pasture 2016
  33. organic soybeans
    looking good 2016 soybean crop
  34. chicken shelter
    Now that the chickens are big enough we move them into this bigger shelter so the birds have more room to roam.
  35. Laura and Ivan
    helping his mommy move fence in pasture
  36. Welcome
    our roadside sign
  37. Rainbows and cows
    James took this shot spring 2017
"Grass is green, tractors are red"